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About the Endicott College Research Center

The Endicott College Research Center provides educational leaders and policy makers with the development and inquiry capacity to support efforts in the reform of educational policy and practice. We conduct research and evaluation designed to inform educational policy and leaders at the state, national and international levels. We serve as a reliable source of research-based information regarding the conditions and performance of educational systems, and promote widespread use of that information, enhancing the research skills of faculty and staff, guest faculty, and, ultimately, students at advanced levels.

Staff of the Endicott College Research Center

Peter Hart
Executive Director
B.S., M.Ed. Administration and Supervision
Plymouth State University

Peter is responsible for campus-wide accreditation initiatives, institutional reporting, strategic planning and assessment, as well as day-to-day activities of the Endicott College Research Center. Recent research activities have included normative reporting of accreditation survey data at the regional and international level and economic impact analysis. Peter also teaches C# (c-sharp) programming for the Computer Science major at Endicott.

Donny Femino
Associate Director, Institutional Research
B.S. Finance, Bentley College, Waltham, MA
M.B.A., Endicott College, Beverly, MA

As Chief Institutional Research Officer at Endicott College, Donny’s expertise lies in identifying quantifiable benchmarks which supports strategic decision-making and measures success based on the organization’s mission and standards.

Michael Roberts
Research Operations
B.S. Computer Science, Endicott College

Michael is responsible for data collection, interpretation and reporting. With many years of experience in every facet of surveying, his skills include creating paper and online surveys, database management and comprehensive user-friendly reports. He is currently implementing a new survey software system which will allow for great flexibility in the design and deployment of on-line, server-based survey administration. Michael is also responsible for the Research Center web presence.

Judith Sabella
Project Manager
B.S. Elementary Education, Gordon College

As Project Manager for the Research Center, Judi is responsible for all external communications with clients. She is the first point of contact for Research Center customers, and assists all customers with FAQ’s, respondent inquiries and customer billing. Recently, she has been instrumental in new customer identification and management.

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