Questions Frequently Asked About Survey Confidentiality

This survey is being run by The Endicott Research Center at Endicott College, where we are dedicated to helping students around the world reach their future dreams and lifelong aspirations by improving teaching and learning environments today.

At The Endicott Research Center, we are committed to maintaining your confidentiality.

Without confidentiality, this sort of survey will not provide the candid responses that make it valuable. Protecting the confidentiality of responders is one of the reasons companies hire outside organizations, such as The Endicott Research Center, to conduct surveys for them.

We protect your confidentiality in a number of ways:

If the survey is confidential, then what is the survey code/ID used for?

The survey code is only used for two purposes.

The Endicott Research Center will never release results that include the survey code or your email address.

How are the results presented?

The answers to the multiple-choice agree/disagree questions are presented in an averaged aggregate combined by total in agreement and frequency distribution. Some data is formatted by demographic. We never release results that have fewer than five people who completed the survey.

If your survey includes comment fields:

Comments are presented as is. Please do not use any information that can identify you individually within the comments fields. However, be aware that even if you do type identifying information in a comment, no one outside of The Endicott Research Center will be able to track that text back to your answers for any of the other questions.

Email Privacy Statement:

When you choose to have the Endicott Research Center administer surveys via email, we take the privacy of those emails very seriously. Please click here to see our email privacy statement.